Basic Instructions for Investing in Stocks

When a company allows an open market for ownership of any portion of itself on any STOCK EXCHANGE, such as DOW, NASDAQ, STANDARD & POORS (S&P) 500, among others, the company is considered to be PUBLICLY TRADED. Publicly traded stocks are available on market exchanges all around the world. But we will focus on the Exchanges here in the U.S., which begin trading at 9:30 AM EST and close at 4:30PM EST. All day long, TRADERS from all over the world BUY and SELL stocks based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: Consumer Attitudes toward the company or industry, economic climate, and  political actionThe number of shares purchased subtracted from the number of shares sold on any given day is considered its VOLUME and the total number of shares that are the possession by investors are the OUTSTANDING SHARES issued by the company.

The price per share of any company is the QUOTE, when multiplied by the number of outstanding shares will tell us the VALUE of the company.  Looking at the information pertaining to a company’s performance is performing a FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS. As an investor you can attempt to determine the direction of the company’s financial future based on Quarterly & Annual Earnings, Income, Revenue, Expense, and Shareholders’ Reports. This is great for determining how to invest in a particular stock. After review of the Fundamentals, you will then be ready to start looking at various charts and graphs. When you have made your determination of the direction of the company, you can determine the price points at which you can safely Enter and Exit the market on the BULLISH (BUY) or BEARISH (SELL) side using a TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. When you find your predetermined Entrance, Test, and Exit Points, you will be ready to make money by TRADING STOCK OPTIONS for SHORT-TERM INVESTMENT and using the profits fo BUY, HOLD & ACCUMULATE STOCK SHARES for LONG-TERM INVESTMENT.

The gain of wealth will require you to
dedicate at least 4 hours daily to studying & understanding the value of any company and/or industry through: various charts & graphs; SECURITY EXCHANGE COMMISSION FILINGS; News Articles; SOCIAL ATTITUDES and POLITICAL DECISIONS. Each of these can help you understand the direction of any Company, Industry or Market. The information you receive through your studies will help you see a rising or falling value of any company or Industry. These Basic terms and principles are the good start to obtaining wealth unlike any other.

VIP ONLY CLUB is not a registered investment advisor and this information is not to be considered or intended to be used as investment advice.