At VIP ONLY CLUB our members enjoy the best life through a unique network of services tailored to accomodate the high performance standards and of successful and productive people of a particular professional rank. We fuel our minds and abilities through competition and risks; thus promoting a fun and well intentioned mixture of networking and competition among and within the ranks of membership


Our members gain valuable portfolio building skills through Year-Round Financial Markets Trading Skills Competitions designed to enhance the VIP ONLY CLUB Master Portfolio each fiscal year for all members to serve as beneficiaries of any annual profits. The 7 person team with the highest outperforming portfolio receives the Chairman’s Annual $Million Stock Bundle.


Our Home Owners Comfort & Design Management network keeps our members’ homes in pristine condition and up-to-date with the latest styles and trends. We use only the most trusted & efficient home services professionals. We ensure our rights to keep a Comfortable, Unique and/or and Safe Home that suits our household needs and wants with no details missed.


Our Elite Network of Travel Professionals and Vacation Experts make your visit to any Global destination royally acceptable with carte blanche service throughout your stay. Book an exciting travel experience through The ☆List Travel Club


If it can Drive, Fly or Sail the VIP ONLY CLUB Mobility Network will have someone around to keep your toys in their best shape, condition and operating status.


When you absolutely require Professional Assistance as soon as possible. VIP ONLY CLUB has an Elite and Efficient network to meet your Very-Important, Urgent and/or Emergency Personal, Family and Household needs.


Satisfy your everyday with the utmost quality and care through outer network of Lifestyle Improvement & Enhancement Resource Hosts at any time of day, anywhere in the world.