The Champions’ Honor Academy of Sports (The Academy) is an intended Elite Collegiate Preparatory institution for Athletes interested in  Pursuing an Collegiate Athletic Career. Here our Scholars are among the most competitive and well-prepared pre-professional Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, Groundskeepers, Statisticians, Team Physicians, Pilots, and other sports industry professionals.

The Academy will operate as an Educational, Non Profit Institution that will provide a State of the Art environment for the purpose of:

  • Building an Elite Academic Institution dedicated to Academic Excellence, Athletic Dominance, and Community Uplift.
  • Developing Young Men and Women with an incurable Hunger for Achievement
  • Top-Tier Athletic Intercollegiate Competition Preparation Program
  • Professional Research and Instruction facilities
  • Building & maintaining a Community Health & Wellness Center with Recreation, Financial Investment, and Mental Therapy Programs mandated for the use of residents in the Surrounding Community


Champions’ Honor Academy of Sports will be an Elite, State of the Art Educational Institution designed to develop profitable businesses and business-minded individuals within the unincorporated or dilapidated areas of Urban Cities. In recent years, these area have been largely underdeveloped with educational facilities meant to assist the expedited growth of the disadvantaged. CHAOS has come into existence to facilitate the development, construction and opening of a campus that will serve as a place to educate, educate scholars on  how to make their dreams become reality, build elite student-athletes and provide a generally acceptable community meeting place in areas lacking a Prestigious Academic Institution whose mission is educating and preparing Disadvantaged Children for long-term success and prosperity.

The Academy intends to assist the urban community through an Advanced application of Academics, Entrepreneurial Training, Sports, and Social Interaction. The key component of success will be the focus on teaching through a hands-on approach.


It is our mission to provide the Scholars with the most effective path to a fulfilling life, highly involved and educated faculty and staff, & broad range of resources. Our aim is to produce young adults, who at matriculation are a full reflection of our 7 Tenents of Prosperity:


Exceed the requirements for Matriculation at the Nation’s best Universities and Colleges


Use of information & experiences to be best prepared to excel Professionally in the chosen Industry


Ability to make financial decisions resulting in generational benefit


Ability to independently function as a Leader amongst those whom one lives and does business.


Full consciousness of the Functions, Possibilities, Limitations, and Proper Maintenance of the Human Body.


Ability to give generously to those in need when and where needed and able


Seeking positive results through positive thoughts and actions in line with the Universe.

The Academy will provide a highly competitive educational environment perfect for developing the future leaders of society. A strict balance of Athletics, Academics, and Charitable Actions will create the most efficient environment for developing Graduates capable of leading their respective communities. We will provide our scholars with proper preparation and instruction in a hands-on research based manner, where learning becomes personal and of the utmost value to the scholar. The Academy is determined to create a safe and highly competitive atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of every scholar and faculty member of the Institution. To achieve successful matriculation through The Academy all scholars are expected to: Strive for Victory and Commit to a Persistent Pursuit of Excellence. Our hope is that through this Institution, scholars’ enjoyment and appreciation for Academics, Athletics, and Humanity will be forever enhanced.

Keys to Success

Maintaining the Academic Edge

By establishing a standard of maintaining facilities and resources that are on par with the Elite Universities. Our scholars will always be prepared for success when challenged by the Degree Completion Requirements of any University.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation:

By providing the best compensation packages for our Faculty and Staff, The

Academy will develop a running reputation among educators as an Elite Academic Workplace.

Exemplary Scholarships and Offerings

Like any other educational institution, we want our scholars to return, make referrals, and contribute to the Institution beyond their matriculation. This can only be accomplished by facilitating a shared appreciation.

Personal Connection

It is essential to make every Scholar, Faculty member, Staff member, Alumni, Family Member, and/or Guest feel a personal sense of belonging. Such an environment is sure to invoke the pride that helps an Institution maintain staying power.

The Academy

The Academy will be a private, non-profit, Academic Institution for scholars, ages 3-18. The institution will provide a highly competitive educational environment; perfect for developing the future leaders of a society driven by Sports & Competition. We will provide our scholars with proper preparation and instruction in a hands-on research based manner; where learning becomes personal and of the utmost value to our scholars. The Academy will focus on matriculating scholars who will leave with an advanced understanding of: Spiritual Balance and Power; Individual, Group, and National Economics; Entrepreneurship; Physical, Mechanical, Technological & Earth Sciences; International, National, State, & Municipal Law; Spoken Languages & Written Communication; Psychology; Athletics.

The Curriculum

The curriculum will be introduced to Scholars at the age of 4. The basic introduction of the core curriculum will be reinforced to the scholars through the age of 17. By introducing the curriculum basics in a “spoon-fed” manner over the first 4 years (formative processing), the Scholars will retain knowledge of the basic subjects, and will be able to easily rely upon these teachings to guide them through advanced lessons. The following years will be spent isolating the core teachings by subject in the following manner:

Kindergarten (Age 4-5)

Spiritual Balance & Power + Athletics

1st Grade (Age 5-6)

Written Communications & Spoken Languages + Athletics (Core Curriculum)

2nd Grade (Age 6-7)

Individual, Group & National Economics + Athletics (Core Curriculum)

3rd Grade (Age 7-8)

Science, Math, Engineering & Technology + Athletics (Core Curriculum)

4th Grade (Age 8-9)

Politics, Law, and Governance + Reinforcement of Core Curriculum + Athletics

5th Grade (Age 9-10)

Business Economics + Athletics

6th Grade (Age 10-11)


7th Grade (Age 11-12)

Psychology + Reinforcement

College Preparation (Age 13-17)

Athletics + Sports Professions

Subjects & Careers that fall under the Sports Professions category include, but are not limited to:

  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Broadcasting & Journalism
  • Law
  • Landscaping
  • Kinesiology
  • Nutrition
  • Business Management
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Statistics
  • Video, Audio, and Lighting; TV, Radio, Film & Music
  • Event Planning
  • Transportation Operations and Logistics
  • Physics
  • Fashion Design

In addition to providing academic resources, The Academy will provide scholars with Entrance Exam Preparation starting in 6th Grade for Enrollment into Colleges & Universities as a Part-Time College Student at the start of College Prep. Therefore giving each student a minimum of 30 credit hours at the start of their University Matriculation. The Academy will provide College Prep Scholars with the opportunity to gain mandatory hands-on training in Etiquette, Agriculture, Construction, Philanthropy, Home Economics, Emergency Medical Care, Event Planning, Property Acquisition, Development & Management, Investment Management, and Electronic Device Management.

The Academy will begin raising funds for Scholarships to benefit all Scholars in addition to identifying other Sources of Academic Funding. It is our expectation for each scholar to enjoy a debt & struggle-free college experience with enough funds to start a profitable business and begin pursuit of a master’s degree no later than their third full-year of University Courses, doctorate and $1M profits by year 5.

Instructional Focus and Goal

The Academy’s final point is on fully preparing each Scholar for global dominance in economics, business, and their chosen career path. This can only be achieved by immediate immersion into the elements comprising each field of interest. In addition we aim to ensure every scholar will be able to effectively and fluently communicate with anyone on the globe without limitation. In effect, we begin language and written communications instruction immediately.


The Academy will be governed by a private Collective of Elders contractually bound to uphold the principles, ideals, and standards put forth by the founders. The Collective of Elders will be comprised of each Scholars’ parent(s), instructors, former students and the Founder or at least one member of each of the founders’ families. Each designated to uphold the vision of The Academy. The Collective will meet weekly to hear any critiques, issues, reports to be given by students, instructors and/or parents. Mandating weekly meetings of assembly will ensure there is a familiarity, rapport, and trust among all parties involved with The Academy. All Rules, Regulations, Curriculum, Policies, Standards and Activities will be up for review on a quarterly basis, requiring 100% approval from the Collective for revision, removal and/or approval.

On-Campus Faculty, & Staff

The Academy will seek to include only staff and faculty that is best equipped to teach and reach the scholastic union. Those whom best connect with the scholars and their families will be the best example of culture aesthetics and the true essence of leadership.

Community Leadership Standard Of Excellence

The Academy will appeal to local families seeking to educate their children through a Private Academic Institution specializing in College Preperatory Academics Athletics. Families of scholars accepted to the The Academy will be expected to act in the best interests of the Institution at all times. Instructors and Administrators are held to the obligation of cultivating a new generation of Wealth, Athletic Dominance, Academic Excellence & Community Leadership in Las Vegas, Clark County, the U.S.A. and throughout the International Community.

Intrastate Sudent Tuition Waiver

The Academy will appeal to families seeking to educate their children through a Private Academic Institution specializing in Preperatory Athletic Professions. Academic Program Candidates enroll in a private academic institution as a means of showing a commintment to invoke growth in the State of Nevada by cultivating a new generation of Professional Excellence throughout the State of Nevada community.

University Dual Credit & Scholarship Program

The Academy will appeal to families seeking to educate their children through a Private Academic Institution with No Religious Affliations that specializes in Preparatory Athletics & Pre-Professional Academic Research Programs. The Parents of Academic Program Candidates in this academic institution will enroll their children with a desire to contribute to the cultivation of a new generation of Complete Excellence & Leadership. The Academy will partner with select Universities around the country. This partnership will support and uplift the idea of a private academic pipeline for cultivating anew generation of Professional Excellence & Leadership at their institutions. We eventually seeking to impliment our strategy at satellite campus within their communities.