Since its founding in 2013, VIP ONLY CLUB INC. has grown into the world’s preeminent executive services membership club.  We work in every aspect of modern executive lifestyles —home and automotive management services, private security & transportation logistics, investment services, corporate concierge and charitable giving opportunites. We are a full service organization, supporting our diverse membership of executives via a host of exclusive and personalized services and beyond. We’ve forged strong partnerships with the world’s leading experts in luxury products, hospitality, travel, and philanthropy, and are redefining the business of hospitality services.


HAMMERHEAD INVESTMENT ADVISORS INC., a sub-division of VIP ONLY CLUB, launched in spring 2018. Founder James Houston II’s love of financial markets led to the natural formation of Hammerhead Advisors, supporting Investors in the same way VIP ONLY CLUB has been working alongside and advocating for the travel hospitality industry for years. Hammerhead focuses on elevating investors’ portfolio on a global scale in both favorable & unfavorable market conditions. Hammerhead Advisors conceptualizes and executes Stock/ETF Trades, Portfolio Management Strategies, Market Research, Capital Preservation, and Advisory Services for Lower Fees.


FRESH MONEY INVESTORS INC., a Private Real Estate Investment Company owned and operated in principle by VIP ONLY CLUB, launched in November 2017 as founder, James Houston II’s passion for large property ownership began to reaveal itself. FRESH MONEY INVESTORS offers investors equity share of Ownership & Profits from the Sale, Purchase, Lease, and/or Trade of Land Parcels, Commercial/Single & Multi-Family Residential/Mixed-Use Developments, Stadiums and Arenas.